Tips To Keep Your Lungs Healthy

Lungs are a vital organ that help us keep us alive that most of don’t take care of as much as we should. Although our body naturally possesses the ability to take care of our lungs here are some tips on how to take care of our lungs.

Don’t smoke

A fairly obvious method but this point can’t be re-iterated enough. Smoking is the leading cause for lung cancer and causes for the airways that are responsible for supplying our bodies with oxygen to narrow, making the simple process of breathing hard. Smoking destroys the tissues that make up the lungs and can even mutate them in to cancerous cells over time. Smoking is so bad for your lungs that even being around smokers, hence becoming a second-hand smoker leads to cancer.

Regular Healthcare

Conducting regular check-ups are always recommended as they will inform you of any pre-existing condition that you might already have or can save you medical bills that you might have to encounter later in life due to lung-related complications. Your local GP can conduct a simple check-up and recommend everyday tips on how to keep your lungs healthy and can also recommend you visit a managed private practice Brisbane and consult one of their respiratory doctors who deal with lung-related infections if needed. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Respiratory doctors Brisbane can also recommend methods to test the air quality at home or regular places you visit to ensure that the air around that area is clean. If not using a face mask is recommended to control and purify the air around you.

Prevent infection

In addition to not smoking and avoiding smoking environments you can follow basic safety tips to avoid lung related diseases like ensuring you wash your hands regularly, avoid crowded area’s during flu season, yearly influenza vaccinations, washing your hands regularly and maintaining good oral health by brushing your teeth regularly and seeing your dentist every six months that can also help you prevent any lung-related infections. Colds, although they may not seem serious, can actually be deadlier than you think, so it’s better taking care of your lungs every day using these preventive methods rather than waiting till it’s too late.


Exercise will ensure that your lungs are healthy by improving their capacity. Some exercises can even increase your lung capacity which will help you improve your mood, avoid lung diseases and help you relax. If you used to smoke exercising will help your lungs rejuvenate faster as constantly working out will help lung tissue to heal faster.