Daily Archive: April 27, 2018

General Dental Issues And Ways To Treat Them

These are just a few typical dental procedures that you come across. Other strategies include braces, crowns and caps, bonding, root canals, sealants, extractions, bridges and implants, fillings and repairs and more. Make sure you get your teeth checked often to avoid severe procedures. Also, follow the simple good dental habits and a good diet plan.Your smile is the brightest thing. Those pearly whites mean a lot when it comes to sealing any deal. But as shining as they are, it is quite hard to maintain them. No matter how good your dental habits are, there can always be a cavity or a tooth decay. But don’t worry, if you are able to identify the problems at first hand, you might be able to treat them before the get worse.

Tooth cavities/decay
Eating too much sweets and starch? Then you might have to look out for this problem. The bacteria of the plaque which gets attached to your teeth will release an acidic solution that will consume your teeth enamel and create tiny holes. This can be prevented through good oral habits like brushing teeth twice a day, daily, flossing, using mouthwash and more. Yet again, there is a chance that this might occur, specially in children and adults. If you come across such a scenario, make sure you go to a dentist with good dental practice Kew. If you leave it as it is, it will just get worse and you will end up with so much pain and greater issues.

Root/ Tooth infection
This occurs when the root of your tooth gets infected by bacteria in turn harming the nerves and tissue. This can be cause through a severe tooth crack or cavity. The general symptoms of root infection includes swelling and extreme pain. The solution for this would be root canal treatment. The root canal cost might be a bit extra, depending on the hospital or surgeon you are going for, but it is the only possible solution. So make sure you get it done before it gets worse.

Enamel dégradation
Usually caused due to too much consumption of carbonated and sugary drinks and snacks. The acid in these food items damages your enamel. The best way to avoid this is prevent it before it occurs. Because there will be no way to get back the enamel you lost. So opt out for water when possible. In addition, make sure you get to your dentists. He/she might have solutions.

Dry mouth
This is generally is caused due to too much medication. Dry mouth can affect your gums and teeth. But, there is no specific cure for this issue. The only way you can combat this is by not taking the medication which causes dry mouth. Talk to your doctor regarding this matter. He/she will prescribe a substitute for that certain type of medical drug.These dental issues are common to all. Due to our unconcern in our meal plans and dental habits, we can be victims of such problems. Make sure that you check-up with your dentist more often to avoid any case from worsening.